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Motor - Cause of Accident


The guy was all over the road. 
I had to swerve a number 
of times before I hit him.
An invisible car came out 
of nowhere, struck my 
vehicle, and vanished

I was on my way to the doctor's 
with rear-end trouble when my 
universal joint gave way, 
causing me to have an accident



The indirect cause of this accident 
was a little guy in a small 
car with a big mouth



The telephone pole was approaching
fast. I was attempting to swerve
out of its path, when it struck
my front end 
The pedestrian had no idea
what direction to go so 
I ran over him.

I had been driving my car for 
four years when I fell asleep 
at the wheel and had an accident
As I approached the intersection, 
a stop sign suddenly appeared in 
a place where no stop sign had 
ever appeared before. I was 
unable to stop in time to avoid 
the accident.